Archives for May 2012

The Pura Vida Lifestyle

Taking a break from the “Wildlife” and re-energizing @ Villa Cortes-Nosara Retreat Center , Rowdy Racoon demonstrates for our clients the ultimate Pura Vida Lifestyle!! This lucky guy lives in Nosara year round and it shows!!! He didn’t blink or move an inch while I took this photo of him not 10 feet away. This[..] Read more.

Nosara Nourishes the Soul

As I begin my first blog-post I want to start with this photo of the beautiful, tranquil pool area at Villa Cortes. This was taken from the porch of the main house/ Casa Cortes! My husband, and daughter, Mia, (15 yrs old), and I just returned back to the states after 3 weeks on the[..] Read more.

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