An open-air pavilion for our guests

We made the decision to build an open-air pavilion for our guests at Villa Cortes to use during their stay! Soon after we began hosting groups of yoga retreats that were using the pavilion 2-3 times a day practicing and meditating. From there we created Nosara Retreat Center and began hosting other types of retreats,[..] Read more.


This is Biggy. Biggy was the biggest in his litter of 8 Shepard/Malinois mix puppies.  He’s been living @ Villa Cortes/Nosara Retreat Center the longest out of our entire staff. What he does for ALL who work and play there is more then worth that monthly 50- pound bag of food that he requires! He’s[..] Read more.

Heliconia Happiness

The first time I saw a Heliconia, I didn’t believe it was real. They are absolutely stellar perfect!! This exotic plant grows in most tropical climates around the world: Nosara, Costa Rica included. When I was living in Nosara full-time I had a wonderful local friend/gardener/nursery owner that would bring me fresh Heliconias every week.[..] Read more.

Families That Surf Together… Stay Together

These are our kids, Brandon and Mia! They live to surf! It is THIS very sport that they AND their dad are super passionate about. Lisseth, Brandon’s wife of 6 years, also shares this love of surf with an early-morning get-together out on the waves. Surfing is the reason we bought our home in Nosara.[..] Read more.

Sunset Horse Tours in Nosara

When I signed up for this tour I was a little skeptical seeing as horses and I aren’t always a good mix. As a kid I was on a tour and got drug when my horse spooked and took off running! Since that time they immediately sense my nervousness when I walk up to them[..] Read more.

The Pura Vida Lifestyle

Taking a break from the “Wildlife” and re-energizing @ Villa Cortes-Nosara Retreat Center , Rowdy Racoon demonstrates for our clients the ultimate Pura Vida Lifestyle!! This lucky guy lives in Nosara year round and it shows!!! He didn’t blink or move an inch while I took this photo of him not 10 feet away. This[..] Read more.

Nosara Nourishes the Soul

As I begin my first blog-post I want to start with this photo of the beautiful, tranquil pool area at Villa Cortes. This was taken from the porch of the main house/ Casa Cortes! My husband, and daughter, Mia, (15 yrs old), and I just returned back to the states after 3 weeks on the[..] Read more.

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