Nosara Nourishes the Soul

As I begin my first blog-post I want to start with this photo of the beautiful, tranquil pool area at Villa Cortes. This was taken from the porch of the main house/ Casa Cortes! My husband, and daughter, Mia, (15 yrs old), and I just returned back to the states after 3 weeks on the property. We spent the first week alone and 2nd & 3rd week with fantastic guests from all over the world!!!

What started out as a week off for Mia’s spring-break turned into an extended 3 weeks there in total. It is this property itself that lures you in and makes you question everything that you have listed in your mind as priorities. Surrounded by nature, surf, & fantastic tropical gardens, the property is secluded and private. This allows for guests, myself included, to fully let go of all that has been left behind and totally absorb the elements of the jungle which I believe is crucial for nourishing the soul!

Once I’m there and soaking it all in, my body begins releasing everything tense. I then realize how THIS is EXACTLY what i’ve needed & where I’m SUPPOSED to be at that moment….RE-ENERGIZING!!!

I hope, for your sake, that one day you too will experience that feeling of total immersion. Where you are able to let go of everything, relax, and be still with only your thoughts. Naturally your focus starts shifting, taking in natures surrounding sounds of breaking waves, birds, monkeys, waterfalls, palm trees, humming birds, your breath/breathing ……..escorting you into blissful gratitude!!

Follow along with me as I blog about life in Nosara @ Villa Cortes/Nosara Retreat Center and all that goes on there!

Abbie Richardson/Owner Operator
Villa Cortes/Nosara Retreat Center

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