This is Biggy. Biggy was the biggest in his litter of 8 Shepard/Malinois mix puppies.  He’s been living @ Villa Cortes/Nosara Retreat Center the longest out of our entire staff.

What he does for ALL who work and play there is more then worth that monthly 50- pound bag of food that he requires!

He’s a comfort and security for Aida, our caretaker, who lives on site year-round.

He’s loving and patient with all our clients AND their kids that like to lay on him, pull on him and make him their best friend for their entire stay. We’ve had kids actually cry when they were leaving and told to say good-bye to him.

There is something very special about this dog that is hard to explain. His energy is very accommodating and sweet. He likes any connection with humans and will always make it known that he’s there for you IF you are interested in a little doggy-therapy during your stay. If not, he’s totally fine with that too and he’ll instinctively feel that message and carry on with his normal day of following Aida or Alex, (the gardener) while they do their work around the property.

We got Biggy when he was 4 months old with his brother Shady; and our son owned their brother Tupac. At the time we were living full-time at Villa Cortes/Nosara Retreat Center with our daughter who was 7 years old. The 3 dogs together were very impressive and when we walked them down Guiones beach people turned and stared.

Each time we return to the property on vacation, a few times a year, Biggy’s welcome greeting is always the same. He becomes overly excited while making this whining sound while we each take turns petting and huggin’ on his neck! He’s telling us that “It’s really NOT cool that you keep leaving for long periods of time without ME!”

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