Families That Surf Together… Stay Together

These are our kids, Brandon and Mia! They live to surf! It is THIS very sport that they AND their dad are super passionate about. Lisseth, Brandon’s wife of 6 years, also shares this love of surf with an early-morning get-together out on the waves. Surfing is the reason we bought our home in Nosara. When Brandon was around 13 years old, we started taking surf trips to Costa Rica 2 and 3 times a year! Brandon and his dad would surf up and down the Pacific coast and we’d pay 10 bucks a night to stay in basic cabinas right on the beach. We’d plunge ourselves into the fantastic Costa Rican culture, practicing our Spanish and eating delicious typico plates of food.

After years of similar repeated vacations, we finally decided to buy a home in Nosara. This was after looking at property in all the different areas of Costa Rica. It was perfect timing as the beautiful town of Nosara was still very small and quaint. There were a select few Ex-Pats, Europeans, locals, and even a few celebrities tossed in for a spicy mix of folks and their dogs; as everybody has at least one. This vast mixture of people are all there primarily for the same reasons: to escape their crazy lifestyles back home. Some of these original folks had already lived in Nosara for 20-25 years. They were the colorful pioneers that banned together to form NCA Nosara Civic Association which protects our beaches from any type of development. No houses or commercial buildings of any kind! Yes, Very exciting!! Cafe de Paris- The french bakery that makes fresh baguettes, breads, and baked goods daily is the other exciting thing that also sold ME on Nosara!!

I am the only “non-surfer” in the family and these very important details are what I look for in my travels… don’t really care so much about how the waves are breaking, whether the tide is in or out, board wax, or which direction the wind is blowing. For me, it’s all about what each new surf town has to offer in the way of food, drinks and sleeping arrangements. My passion is layin’ on the beach lookin’ good; sporting a trashy Entertainment magazine or Novel. You might catch me beach combing for shells and sea-glass while catching a glimpse of someone I know surfing a wave.

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