Heliconia Happiness

The first time I saw a Heliconia, I didn’t believe it was real. They are absolutely stellar perfect!! This exotic plant grows in most tropical climates around the world: Nosara, Costa Rica included. When I was living in Nosara full-time I had a wonderful local friend/gardener/nursery owner that would bring me fresh Heliconias every week. I would arrange them in different ways & place them in all the houses here at Villa Cortes. (Oh Happy Dayz!!! )

He knew just how much I appreciated his deliveries by the excitement on my face each time he came. That was all it took to keep them coming through the door ALL rainy season long.

I soon decided that I had to plant these fantastic, brilliant, exotics in my gardens at Villa Cortes. After planting as many that could possibly fit, I experienced more joy….. sharing all the beauty of nature at it’s best with our clients that visit from all over the world, is one more thing I have to be grateful for!

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