Howler Monkeys Provide Great Entertainment and Photo Op

The howler monkeys in Nosara visit Villa Cortes regularly to dine on our daily flower buds, flowers, mangoes, papayas, and bananas! They will come in the early morning at sunrise and in the afternoon before sunset. Each time the alpha male lets us know they are there with his deep howling that usually gets his troop to follow him. Whenever I’ve had the good fortune to be there on the property to witness the howlers I always get excited and never seem to get tired of looking up at them.

Their little hands and faces like ours intrigues me. Mom’s carry babies on their back or stomachs while the older, more independent teenagers wrestle with each other while hanging upside down from their tales, not a care in the world. It looks as if at any moment they could easily fall out of the tree without a warning. Every now and then a tiny baby will let go from its Mother and wander a few feet from where she is busy shoving handfuls of flowers or leaves into her mouth. She never takes her eye off the baby and will allow the freedom for a few minutes and then she’ll grab the baby and move further up the tree where there is more to eat.

It’s always a little bittersweet when they come to eat the yellow cortes flowers from our trees. In one clean sweep they clear off all the flowers in bloom, only eating the sweet center and dropping the rest on the ground. When the tree is completely stripped there is a yellow blanket of flowers lying below on the ground under the tree.

The best photos we’ve taken are always from the porch of Casa Cortes. There is a big cortes tree right there in front and the monkeys are only a few feet away.

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