Miss Sky Canopy Tour in Nosara

My daughter Mia and our dear friends visiting Nosara from South Florida with one of the Miss Sky tour guides after suiting up before their tour!

There are several outdoor fun activities for families to experience while visiting the Nosara area. We have the very popular zip-line canopy tour that has the longest known runs ever!!

People come from all over to experience Miss Sky’s adventuresome tours.  They offer 2 tours per day.  A very early morning tour that also takes you to the waterfalls for a quick dip and also an afternoon tour that is sometimes better for those that have less time.

Miss Sky has a fantastic young staff of funny, very personable, local guys that are bilingual and quite knowledgable about the Nosara area where they grew up. They make this tour super fun for everyone!

If you are traveling with younger smaller children they will let them ride tandum/together with one of them which makes it easier on the parents and exciting for the child.

This tour has become so busy that we recommend reserving your dates before you arrive in Nosara and we are happy to help you with that.

Ok…Clearly I felt comfortable over- using the word “tour” in this blog!

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