An open-air pavilion for our guests

We made the decision to build an open-air pavilion for our guests at Villa Cortes to use during their stay! Soon after we began hosting groups of yoga retreats that were using the pavilion 2-3 times a day practicing and meditating. From there we created Nosara Retreat Center and began hosting other types of retreats, that are all practicing some form of exercise during their stay with us at the retreat center.

Our former caretaker/builder & friend was hired to do this job.  He and his crew managed to build this structure in a short 3 week period that we had available before leaving back to the states.  The end result is so amazing &  beautiful!!!  We are very excited and proud of this new addition to Villa Cortes! The energy in this elevated space embraces anyone that enters. It allows a guest to calmly immerse into the elements of the jungle while soaking in the gorgeous ocean views!

When visiting Villa Cortes, I use this fantastic space myself.   After stretching I’ll  sit on a pillow and go inward.  Enjoying the quiet and hearing my breath helps me find my balance to carry me through the day.

The night before we left we had a beer & pizza party up in the pavilion to thank the entire crew for their hard work and dedication in creating our vision!  Come experience this space for yourself at Villa Cortes / Nosara Retreat Center.

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