Playa Pelada Blow Hole….Catching It Just Right…Be Ready!

Playa Pelada, is a short walk North down Playa Guiones.  It sits directly on the opposite side of the North point which divides the 2 beaches. Once there you’ll find a relaxing, peaceful, quieter, picturesque setting.  When you hike toward that point, down, Guiones beach, you will run into a trail that takes you through to the other side!  As you walk that path, the mystery of what lies beyond, unfolds as you approach these new, incredible surroundings.  It is such a different world over there.

Huge rock masses are visible at  low tide.  If you catch it just right, at the turn of the tide, you may see the water shooting up through the blow hole. It is so exhilarating to stand there and hear the sound of the rushing tide through that hole as giant unpredictable waves rush back and forth.  At any random moment one of those huge waves will force it’s way thru the rock, shooting water out and up 10-20 feet high!  Be ready!!

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