Sunset Horse Tours in Nosara

When I signed up for this tour I was a little skeptical seeing as horses and I aren’t always a good mix. As a kid I was on a tour and got drug when my horse spooked and took off running! Since that time they immediately sense my nervousness when I walk up to them which doesn’t send the “I’m in Charge” message you need for a good riding relationship.

It was a cloudy drizzly day in Nosara and our guests invited us to come along with them. I went with my daughter, shown in the photo, who agreed to go along for something different to do in Nosara besides surfing AND oh yea… more surfing! She was there to give me a much needed sense of comfort & support as we walked down the beach, single file, bumper to bumper…or should I say, noses to tails to noses and so on! If horses could talk was all I kept thinking….:~

Pleasantly surprised we had a beautiful ride down the beach and our horses were in typical Pura Vida mode…relaxed and surprisingly easy to handle. The light rain cooled the air as everyone got into their silent groove riding along peacefully in their thoughts.

With the consistant sounds of random snorts, creeking saddles, and waves breaking on shore, combined with the smell of leather, I had forgotten about my fears from the past and with confidence was thinking, “Oh yea…I’m doin’ this!” I was so loving every minute of my newly found horsey confidence brought on by this very sweet, easy goin, butt followin’, tourist loving, animal named Winston! Winston and I were tight!

As usual the pace picked up to a slow trot on the way back and along with the added gorgeous sunset we had a bit of excitement before it was all over.

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