The Pura Vida Lifestyle

Taking a break from the “Wildlife” and re-energizing @ Villa Cortes-Nosara Retreat Center , Rowdy Racoon demonstrates for our clients the ultimate Pura Vida Lifestyle!!

This lucky guy lives in Nosara year round and it shows!!! He didn’t blink or move an inch while I took this photo of him not 10 feet away. This tree branch hangs over the private path down the back-side of the property that leads you out our gate and directly to the south entrance of Guiones Beach!

What I love more then anything else while spending time on the Villa Cortes property are those exciting moments when I discover yet another form of nature right by where i’m standing, walking or lying. These are incredible moments when I’m quietly witnessing the goings on of a creature that is unselfishly sharing their habitat and never letting my presence invade or interrupt their routine. We are so blessed to be a part of such a delicate balance of man and nature. Together we are sharing this incredible property at the Nosara Retreat Center and our goal is to keep that balance intact.

We have collected many photos over the years of the different wildlife that have lived, visited or cruised through Villa Cortes.  This one of Rowdy Racoon which we so appropriately named him has always remained one of my all time favorites.

Rowdy Racoon spent a few different nights in that very spot and never let any of the movement around him affect his ability to stay in this relaxed position which I found very impressive.

I have taken photos of Howler Monkeys in this same position and they too are not affected by humans moving around or underneath the area where they are resting.

As I continue to blog I will be posting lots of the photos of nature that we’ve collected which also include many of the exotic flowering plants in our gardens of 11 years!

For now I will leave with the very thought of You (Yourself) hanging listlessly over a branch while letting all that is tense in your body fall to the ground… slowly sinking into full relaxation…… followed by the gathering animals quietly taking a moment to observe as you engage in effortless existence!!  Pura Vida!

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