The Beaches of Nosara

Surfing the awesome waves of the Pacific Ocean in Playa Guiones

(Playas de Nosara)

The area of Nosara has four distinct beaches that are all part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge where no motorized vehicles are permitted.

Playa Guiones is three miles of undeveloped white sand beach. It has consistent waves that are ideal for surfers of all skill levels. The spectacular sunsets on Guiones beach are perfect for vacation photos. Located at the south end of the beach are tidal pools that are excellent for swimming and snorkeling at low tide. Villa Cortes is located directly above the south entrance to Playa Guiones.

Playa Garza is south of the Playa Guiones point. This beach is protected by a barrier reef. Garza is a fishing village with a few beachfront local bars and restaurants. The local fishing fleet have their boats anchored offshore which makes for a very quaint, picturesque setting. World Class deep sea fishing charters are available daily.

Beautiful sunsets and the tranquil beaches of Nosara, Costa Rica

Playa Pelada is to the north and is a beautiful small curving beach with rock formations. It is located between Punta Nosara and Punta Pelada. With the right tide and wave conditions Pelada has an amazing “Blow Hole” which shoots water high into the air. Pelada is a beautiful beach walk from Villa Cortes. Be sure to check out La Luna restaurant—a great place for sunset drinks and dinner.

Playa Nosara & Playa Ostional are both black sand beaches that are to the north of Playa Pelada. Ostional has a fast hollow wave that is world class and is best suited for advanced surfers. These two beaches are the nesting grounds for the Olive Ridley turtle. When the turtles come to nest there can be thousands of them on the beach at the same time. This is truly a spectacular sight. For more info on viewing the turtles contact the ADIO office in Ostional 506-2682-0470.

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