Nia and Women’s Qigong Retreat with Judith Thompson & Heather Meneses


Exceptional gathering – – authentic, engaged, purposeful, hilarious, energetic, a barrel of laughs, …. I could go on!

Thank you both for your “pull it all together” achievement! The right balance of activity, program, free time, and down time. I especially enjoyed the pool time and would love to get the sound track CD of the Arab music.

There is nothing like karaoke live when you only need the first two lines and there is no fear of it being recorded!

Please post the poem as I do not have a copy.

Love you and miss you all.

— Jocelyn

Well said Jocelyn. I too would like to express my deepest gratitude for the glorious 2 weeks we all spent together.

I left Nosara with a smile on my face and many beautiful songs in my heart. My mind was filled with memories of our healing Nia and JiGong classes, our bellydancing,our communal meals, the fruit and begetable truck, our walks along the beach, bathing in the tide pools, skinny dipping, our rides in the golf cart, our beautiful meditations, the exquisite cards from our remarkeable facilitators, the bonds I formed with so many radiant women and most of all the loving guidance, integrity and attention to every detail from Judith, Heather Alex, Claudia and Cathy.

Thank you all for the memorable and priceless experience which was such a priviledge and a blessing for me.

Shining on,

I can’t compliment your staff enough !

Claudia and Alex continue to be the most outstanding gracious and solicitous hosts. They were attentive to all details especially regarding special food requirements at breakfast . Not only did they remember them , they honoured them with such grace and ease.

Alex continues to go that extra mile …. Quite literally . Here are a couple of examples. He took one of our guests on his motorcycle up to the ATM at the bank near the gas station and then waited for her while she went into the bank for service to exchange into smaller bills ! I don’t have to tell you how long this took . He also went to get a bus ticket for another guest who was travelling from Nosara back to San Jose on the public bus ! We had a young woman who was a farmer and she with a few others were interested in local farming. Alex arranged a visit to a friends small farm. They came back happy with fresh eggs and a couple of freshly butchered chickens which were enjoyed the next day at a communal lunch. These are only a few examples …. The list goes on. It is so reassuring, particularly as a facilitator, to be working with and in the presence of such kind, thoughtful and generous people as Alex and Claudia.

In the meantime, thank you again dear Abbie for the pleasure of collaboration with you and your staff, in co-creating a magical and transformative 2 weeks  for 14 radiant women.

Judith ~ Studio Soleil
Heather ~ Balanced

Cathy was also so delightful . We welcomed her loveliness every evening, as well as, the meals she created. They were delicious and inspirational particularly given the several dietary restrictions she was working with. There was no doubt in any of our minds that they were prepared and offered with the greatest love from her heart and hands.

— Judith Thompson

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